Kincaid 1200 V3

Designed from the ground up to become the standard for mid-sized, diesel hydro mulcher. No other machine combines the power, pump or plumbing of the Kincaid 1200 V3. With an 65 HP (48.5 kW) Kubota diesel engine, a 200 gpm (757 lpm) vortex centrifugal pump, and the straightest, shortest plumbing in the business, the Kincaid 1200 V3 delivers what hydroseeding contractors have been requesting a powerful machine with simple plumbing that won’t clog or overheat when put to the test.

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Power                                                             Kubota 65 HP (48.5 kW) Turbo Charged Diesel Vibration Isolation Mounting
Fuel Tank                                                                                                               33 gal (125 liter)
Agitation                                                                                                  Variable Speed Hydraulic Driven Mechanical Agitation

Tank Capacity                                                                                                      1,200 gal (4,542 liter)
Mulch Capacity                                                                                                    600 - 900 lbs (272 - 408 kg)

Wheat Straw Mulch Coverage Per Load*                                                   15,800 - 19,600 sq ft (1,468 - 1,821 sq m)
Wood / Paper Mulch Coverage Per Load*                                                 13,000 sq ft (1,200 sq m)
Discharge Distance                                                                                             Up to 200 ft (61 m)
Discharge Cannon                                                                                               3 in (7.6 cm) Pipe and Full Flow Ball Valves
Set of 3 Nozzles                                                                                            1 Medium Fan Spray, 1 Distance Spray, 1 Wide Fan
Fill Port                                                                                                                    4 in (10.2 cm) Air Gap Hydrant Fill Standard
Frame Ground                                                                                                      16.4 in (41.7 cm) with STD Axles
Clearance                                                            Standard Tires and Wheels 21.75 in (55.2 cm) with High Clearance Axles
Discharge Pump                                       Hydraulic Drive Vortex Pump Variable Speed with 6 in (15.2 cm) Inlet and 4 in (10.2 cm) Outlet


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Haven, KS, 67543, US

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Kincaid Equipment Manufacturing is a 53-year old seed research equipment manufacturing company located in Haven, KS.

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